Catapult Your Brand Engagement AND Income Through The Power And Magic Of HUMOR, FUN, AND LOL 🤣 For Your Ads And Creative Content Marketing!


"Caution: Side Effects May Include Uncontrollable Laughter, Skyrocketing Sales, and Spontaneous Happy Dances!"

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The Most Memorable Ads, Videos, And Content Are The Funniest Ones!


🌟 Let's face it, in today's fast-paced (and 🤪 wild and crazy) world, people are bombarded with a constant barrage of information overload, ads, and marketing messages.

Our attention spans are dwindling to 3 seconds, (sadly, that's less than a goldfish watching an Instagram reel), and our defenses against push advertising and talking head marketing techniques are stronger than ever.

So, how do you break through this barrier of humans and your target customers who ignore you and scroll right past your important marketing messages? You guessed it, by harnessing the unparalleled power of FUN, HUMOR, and LOL! 🤣

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Do Your Ads And Content Marketing Make People, (Or Cute Puppies), Stop In Their Tracks?


Imagine that your current and future customers can't wait for you to post your next ad, video, or marketing piece because they LOVE that it makes them LOL, (and pee their pants a little.) 🤣

It doesn't FEEL like marketing to them, but more like their best friend sharing hilariously funny and impactful ads and content that just so happens to make them want to smash that buy button AND hit the share button for people all over the world to see YOUR brand, YOUR products, and YOUR services.

Creatively scripted and FUNNY ads and content will drive traffic and eyeballs to your brand and offers like CRAZY and increase those oh so sought after clicks and conversions faster than you can say WOW you're right, this sh*t really works! 🎯

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OK Funny Dudes, WHY Should I Add Humor To My Brand And Perfectly "Serious, It's Not Boring I Swear" Content? (Geez, Did We Just Say That Out Loud?)


😄 Humor cuts through the monotony and captures attention faster than a magician pulling a talking rabbit out of a hat, (hello bugs bunny). It has an incredible ability to disarm and engage people, creating an instant connection that no amount of flashy visuals, talking heads, or pushy sales tactics can ever achieve, PLUS it can go viral and THIS is a GOOD thing! 😄

🎯 When you infuse humor into your ads, videos, content marketing, and hilarious commercials and promos, you create an emotional bond with your audience. Laughter breaks down barriers, opens hearts, and cultivates a positive association with your brand. It's the key that unlocks the door to lasting impressions and memorable experiences, brand loyalty, and trust. 🎯

💡 Beyond capturing attention, humor also ensures that your message is REMEMBERED. A well-crafted humorous ad and creative content not only entertains, but also embeds your brand into the minds of consumers. It becomes a topic of conversation, a shareable gem that spreads like wildfire across social media and beyond. 💡

🤩 Moreover, humor, (EVEN if you're doing serious and life changing work), has the extraordinary ability to transcend cultural and language barriers. It speaks a universal language that resonates with people from all walks of life, because everybody likes to laugh and have some fun no matter what the subject is. 😎

📣 By tapping into this universal language, you can connect with a wider audience, expanding your brand's reach and influence, not to mention, (OK, now we're going to have to mention it), actually having FUN in your brand and business, now there's a thought! 🤩

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Meet Scott Brandon Hoffman


I'm the Founder of Soul Rebel Studios, and the Creator and Host of The "Mostly" Conscious Late Night Show! (Imagine Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL had a baby, yeah I know.)

I've honed my comedic craft, (along with Improv and Sketch Comedy) at legendary institutions including the Groundlings in Hollywood, Second City Chicago,  Finest City Improv, and the Greg Dean School of Stand Up Comedy in LA.

I've performed on multiple stages all over the world, written LOL sketches, and LIVE for improv and bringing the JOY and FUN to all I do.

So I've been around the block a few times, (which is probably why I'm out of breath so much), and people always say that I'm funny dammit, so there. 😆

I've helped rake in millions of eyeballs and dollars through joint ventures, product launches, creative content, and email campaigns for my clients, including top influencers and celebs, AND I've been immersed in the industry for many decades, (I'd tell you more but then I'd have to, oh never mind), so I know I thing or two about marketing and business.

Now THAT is a powerful one two punch right there, FUNNY and BUSINESS, well that why I'm here for YOU! 😎

Plus we have an EPIC team of OTHER LOL award winning and talented improvisational performers, script writing superstars, producers, and directors with extensive film, TV, and content creation credits across multiple genres, who've worked with Marvel Studios, Lucas Films, Disney, Google, Influencers, and Hollywood Celebs.

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So Here's the Deal.

We're not your ordinary marketing wizards. We're more like a bunch of mischievous comedy geniuses who sprinkle FUN, laughter, and joy into your brand like confetti at a wild party!

Picture this: we take your marketing, brand, or biz and infuse it with an electrifying blend of humor, wit, and personality. We're talking about transforming your content and ads into pure entertainment that gets people rolling on the floor with laughter.

And you know what happens next? Your stuff gets seen and shared like crazy!

But Wait, There's More!

We're not just about making your audience giggle—it's all about building authentic connections.

We dive deep into your soul, uncovering what makes you unique, and then we weave it into captivating hooks, stories and sketches that speak to YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS.

We want them to feel like they've found their long-lost comedic soulmate (that's you, by the way).

The Best Part.

Our magic works wonders. Your brand becomes unforgettable, etching smiles on the faces of your customers. They become raving fans, eager to spread the word about your awesomeness. It's like a secret language of laughter that bonds people to your business in a way that's downright enchanting.

So, my friend, if you're ready to unleash the power of laughter, to create a brand that's vibrant, magnetic, and ridiculously fun, then you've found your tribe. Let us be the comedic sidekicks to your business journey, spreading joy, making waves, and turning heads wherever we go.

Get ready for an adventure filled with laughter, connection, and a whole lot of mischief. Welcome to the world of unforgettable marketing—where your brand becomes the life of the party!


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