I Turn Your Love Story Or Mission Into An Original Song.

"The soundtrack for your soul."

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Love Songs

Giving an original custom song that captures your heartfelt love story to someone you love, is a magical once in a lifetime and priceless gift, that literally moves people to tears.

See why having your own song created by soulful singer/songwriter Scott Brandon Hoffman could be one of the most touching, inspiring, fulfilling, and memorable experiences of your life that you will cherish forever!

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Brand Anthems

If you have a mission driven business, brand, cause, or non profit, having your own musical anthem will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level.

It gives you instant credibility, embodies your brand story, message, and values.

What's cool is that your clients and ambassadors will be singing and dancing to YOUR SONG, instead of someone else's, AND will be inspired to buy MORE of your products and services, or support your heart centered cause.

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Elena Estanol

"Wow, I just listened to your song and was totally blown away! The lyrics are beautiful and your voice is so velvety, totally gave me the chills!"

Shauna Arthurs

"Hearing the songs Scott creates touches my soul and often brings me to tears. The way he channels from deep in his heart makes his songs an incredible, unforgettable gift to treasure for a lifetime!"

Mark Romero

"You made my wife cry, and you've got an amazing voice, love it!"


Emma B-F

"Every time I hear Scott's music, I feel like he's seeing the true essence of who I am!"

Meet Scott Brandon Hoffman


I've been playing the piano since I was 5 years old, I love the guitar, singing, performing, and spoken word poetry too, and have been writing and singing songs for multiple decades.

Music is in my soul.

I love sharing the magical gift of music because it embodies the frequency of love and joy and goes straight to the heart and bypasses the mind.

The greatest emotions are felt through music. There is nothing like it on earth to capture your love, rock your brand, or up level your movement.

Book in a free call and we can discuss your epic custom song.

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Make Your Moment Count

When you want to surprise your loved one, rock your event, or take your conference to the next level, you can bring Scott to do a live performance of your custom song and create an incredible memorable experience that will always be remembered.

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Sample Song

Love Is On The Way is a sample "movement song" that I wrote for these wild times that we live in...

It's to encourage hope and positivity back towards love.

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What's Your Style?

We can create your custom song in any style and genre that you like, i.e. ballad, pop, hip hop, rock etc.



Professionally Produced And Recorded

We have access to a full team of high level artists, studio musicians, singers, producers, and sound engineers to make your custom song a one of a kind masterpiece!

If you have any questions, please email us at info (at) scottbrandonhoffman.com 

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